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Erbil, Iraq

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Erbil, Iraq

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What I love most about Islam


Muslims are united behind the simple straight forward fact that they have to “Worship and Answer” to the One and Only God.

Muslims don’t have to knock their heads trying to figure out how in “heaven” the addition of three is ever going to equal one.

Nor have to get lost between 33 to 33 million gods, trying to figure out which one works for what, when, and where!

The obligation is towards the One and Only, the Almighty God, Allah (SWT.)


Muslims have only one revealed divine book. No hundreds of different, contradicting, multilayered versions and translations.

The book is original, well preserved, and maintained in its original language and script, as it was revealed 15 centuries ago; it’s the Qur’an.


Muslims are united behind a single book and an undisputed Prophet, whom they love, respect, and defend as a human being, he is not a god nor looked upon like a one, just taken as an ultimate example and followed.


Islam is universal, non-racist, sent to each and every sane individual.

Easy to grasp and straight forward in its doctrines and dogmas.

Islam is the easiest to accept and quickest to join, just by expressing your belief in two sentences on your own before the Lord (.لا إله إلا الله، محمد رسول الله)


Islam is quite logical and easily adaptable and compatible with common human nature.

There is no need whatsoever for philosophically complicated explanations and references to understand.

And no need for complex institutionalized procedures to perform.


Islam an easy straight and direct path to the Lord and Creator.

There is no need for middle intervention or mediators.

It is one to one relationship with God, on your own, no middlemen, no ‘fees’.

Practical and Pragmatic:

Because the duties and demands are regular, on a daily basis, you can perform Islamic duties almost anywhere, with the available resources at hand.

It is embedded within Islamic laws, to shorten prayers while traveling, to combine prayers in difficult situations, to reduce physical moves if you’re unable or disabled, to quit fasting while traveling or sick, to limit charity donation below certain levels, even to eat forbidden in absence of any reachable food support or famines, etc..

And you always have the option to choose whichever is easier and practical as long as it doesn’t conflict Muslim doctrines under normal conditions.


Islam is non-institutional, you can attain Islamic knowledge and be very good at it on your own.

Traditionally you can attend and have public lessons from specialized scholars in their fields, and can get highly certified in the specific fields.

One particular practice is Qur’anic recitations and readings (تجويد وقراءات)


No matter how tough the challenges were or are, Islam still emerges as unique and divine.

Islam did not lose ground due to conquests, manipulations, eradications.

Preservation & Longevity:

Islam is well protected and preserved and is the longest continuous unaltered religion. no matter what is the geographical, political, cultural barriers, or times of peace or war might be.

It was well documented by its original followers, the first three generations, scholars, and references.

The documentation is vast, detailed, and within reach to any person who can read and understand modern-day formal Arabic.

The tools are the same, in fact, Arabic grammar was derived based on the Qur’an, the literature is well preserved, maintained, and pretty well memorized.

A final Quality that I would like to add:

Islam is the last hope and salvation for humanity, anything else is just a blind deviation from the truth!


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